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The Very First Blog

January 12, 2018

So blogs are not a new thing, but me writing one is very new so what am I to write about?

I guess its a good idea to let you know what to expect from this blog. First of all do not expect a very serious blog, I am committed to idiocy and sarcasm, so the occasional skit may appear. However I will endevour to keep the blog informative as useful and up to date. I will share events, and tips as well as recommendations. There will of course be a lot of talk on hairstyling. 


So here we are, we have the website up and running, we have completed our hairstyling course, we have the insurance sorted and the business cards printed so what next? Marketing, Marketing, Marketing. And boy are there a lot of options and all very expensive, but we a thrifty and will work it out. 


Today facebook announced it was working to make the focus that of its original mission to connect people. On a personal level I am relived, I miss being able to see the posts from my friends in among all the advertising. But the on the other hand surely Facebook is going to be my most useful and cost effective marketing tool? Of course this would have to happen now I have decided to launch my own business. You will come to learn that I have the worst luck. But I don't want to flood peoples timelines with adverts so I am looking into other options, which brings me to wedding fairs! I've decided I am in the wrong business already, it costs a lot of money to attend them as a trader and it seemed there was no concession for those who do not charge £100's or even £1,000's for their services. Then we were reminded about the Sussex Boutique and Bridal Boot Fairs. These are open to those who run wedding businesses and are very reasonably priced to attend, but they are also open to those who have recently been married and want to sell their wares such as center pieces etc. Its a great idea that helps others on a tight budget and cuts down on waste. I hate waste, I up-cycle wherever possible, shop in charity shops and have been known to take a few things from a skip. (Not our hair  and make up brushes though, don't worry). So if you want to pick up some bargains for your big day I recommend you look for one taking place near you, we will be at this one on the 4th March.


It also seems that not many people who offer Hen/ Stag party services go to wedding fairs, so I am either making a terrible decision and wasting my money, or I am using my smarts and recognising and opportunity others have missed. Only time will tell.



Our first wedding fair was interesting, we noticed that more people were interested in the packages we offer for Hen parties than the vintage hair styling for their big day. It seems a lot of people like the idea of dipping their toes into the vintage world and dressing up for a day and having their hair done, but its not something they want for the big day. Plus the majority of brides to be we spoke to loved the idea of a tea party over getting drunk with a plethora of phallic merchandise attached them. And we have to agree, cake over phallic objects on straws or anywhere else any day! 


But we do hope that there are some brides out there who want to have a glamorous vintage styled wedding and that we can help them. We are bursting with ideas, and can't wait to get started. So if you prefer the quirky things in life, if you wish to stray from the traditional, even if its just a little please get in touch. Oh and if you are not getting married, don't worry neither I am I, but its still fun to dress up and have a fabulous soiree like the lovely Ally who booked us for her 50th birthday party in February, we are really looking forward to styling her for what sounds like an amazing party. So if we can help you with you party, then we'd be very glad to hear from you too. 


We would also like to know what you would like us to blog about. So please leave us your suggestions below so we can make sure we are giving you the information you want and need. 






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January 12, 2018

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